Juliano Moreira Dasilva
Juliano Moreira Silva
Lead Product Designer, Target.com

“I'm a digital product designer constantly open to new areas of learning and new areas of growth living at the intersection between design and development.”

Staying The Course

October 21, 2015

When I moved to United States In 2000, one of my goals was to be independent and to find a good job as a designer. I was 19 years old, young, full of energy, and had very little money. I had previously worked as a junior graphic designer in Brazil and I ran a small shop with two friends. I knew that moving to the States, with no English, would delay my plans of working as a designer because I would need to find a temporary job to pay the bills since my English wasn’t good enough for a design position.

I’ve had many jobs since I arrived in the United States. I’ve worked as dishwasher, cook, carpenter, landscaper, waiter, bartender, and many more that I don’t even remember but I stayed the course through all these years. Despite all the things that seemed impossible to achieve, I stayed the course to what I wanted to do with my career.

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