About me

"Design, code, and photography is what really keeps me up at night."

Hello, nice to meet you!

Juliano Moreira

A few things about me...

  • I'm originally from Petrolina, Pe - Brazil
  • I started my own design business at 16 years old
  • I used to run a mIRC channel in my hometown
  • I moved to United States at age 19
  • I founded a startup and moved to Omaha, NE
  • I'm a believer of Jesus Christ

Hi! I'm Juliano Moreira Silva. I'm an irreverent product designer and developer who designs in code and loves working closely with engineering teams to create a great culture of cross-discipline collaboration. I'm based in Minneapolis, MN. I'm currently working at Target as a Senior Product Designer on the Guest Experience team helping reshape the future of Target.com.

Prior to Target, I co-founded a startup, Cympel, pitched to investors, raised money, and led a design and development team who were focused on disrupting the digital advertising industry by introducing a new e-commerce technology to advertisers. I've also worked with companies small and large such as Best Buy, Target, Google, Harvard, Bose, and Samsung among others.

Throughout my career, I've played many roles including designer, developer, design manager, and business analyst. I'm passionate about building great teams and bridging the gap between design and development. Behing a great successful tech company lies a great design + engineering team. Motivating and empowering teams to go beyond is at the heart of what I love to do.

My mission

I'm on a mission to build great teams that create great and sustainable products. My mission is to set up good teams to be on the path from good to great teams.

Here it is how I've helped various teams create great products:


Design plays a major role in our lives. It creates a lasting and sticky impression, and to me, design is not art. Design produces tangible results.

As a design leader, my mission is to not only have empathy for our users, but, just as equally, have empathy for engineering and business teams to create a culture of cross-discipline collaboration. I strongly believe designers should present front-end assets to engineers, instead of creating design artifacts. I encourage engineering teams to collaborate closely with designers to challenge them with what they create. Design presentables (front-end assets) should be a result of an on-going interaction between design and engineering.

Design as a process need not be siloed and artifactual. Everyone on a team should be a designer. A team is comprised of people with different skills and areas of expertise, but the product experience belongs to every member of the team.

Culture trumps strategy, every time. I love digging into the psychology of what makes a great team tick and I love building great teams.


I started working on the web in 2004 as a result of an educational experiment I did at Bridgewater State College. Since then my journey to learn how to be a designer and developer for the web has had ups and downs. As a web designer, the only way I could get better at web stuff was to start experimenting on the web. That's how this site was born — out of my curiosity to learn. (Schools don't teach you how to become a web designer) The purpose of this website was to experiment, learn, and share my struggles. I made a ton of mistakes and failed many times, but the failures of the past have helped me shape who I am today. Each and every day I learn something new for working on the web is like building a spaceship — it'll never be done.

I want to make history (for myself and my generations to come) by preserving what I produce and the only way to make history is to have evidence of what happened. Previous versions of the site have been archived for posterity and for your browsing curiosity here: