Juliano Moreira Dasilva

I’m Juliano Moreira Dasilva, a designer, coder, and curator pushing pixels responsively.

Hi, I’m Juliano. I make stuff feel easy and simple.
I craft easy-to-use interfaces for the web, mobile devices included.

Latest Journal

2013 In Retrospect

In retrospect, a lot of interesting stuff happened this past year. I took the time to look back and reflect on 2013 and perform a complete 360 self-evaluation. I know…

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Designing For The Web

My first computer was a Pentium i486 with a DX2-66 Intel processor, a clock-doubling technology of 66Mhz, 32MB of memory RAM, and an incredible 200MB of disc storage. I got…

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Live Shape Tool in Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop, which is part of Adobe Creative Cloud now, is a great tool for us designers. We use it heavily on daily basis to create mockup, design layout, icons,…

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Random Stats

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  • Yearly avg. cups of coffee


  • Monthly avg. cycling miles


  • Monthly avg. train+bus hours